Surgenor Automotive GroupEcoWing V Series

The Surgenor Group recently began, and completed upgrading several of their dealerships to complete LED systems, which mainly consisted of Illumisoft Fixtures. The goal was to brighten and improve the look of the show room while being energy efficient and eco friendly.


“Our new lights are a vast improvement they are brighter and whiter compared to our old lights which were very dull not to mention expensive and time-consuming to maintain, these new lights require no maintenance.”

Mike Gallant
General Manager, Surgenor Truck Group


The Surgenor Automotive Group needed a solution to improve the look of their showrooms and reduce energy expenditures. With Illumisofts look and capabilities, their EcoWing Retrofit provided Surgenor with a high lumen output at no additional cost, the highest efficacy on the market, and a great, unique look only Illumisoft could provide.

Surgenor wanted their cars to pop as if it were a sunny day inside and Illumisoft Lighting was easily able to provide that for them.


  • Improved Light Quality. Controlled brightness
  • Superior Investment. Affordable price, Reduced cost
  • High Energy Savings. 80% energy reduction
  • Reduced Maintenance. No tubes, ballasts to replace
  • Best Look. Cars looked their best, sunshine indoors
Energy Reduction
11 Month
Payback Period
Annual Energy Savings