Lighting SolutionsWe approach commercial lighting differently.

There has been an industry-wide race in LED commercial lighting to deliver light at a lower cost. The result is bright, high glare centre basket and LED flat panel designs with less than optimal energy savings. Light quality and aesthetics have been virtually forgotten. We wanted a better alternative.

So, after extensive research over several years, we developed groundbreaking patented products that utilize our revolutionary optical film technology: The EcoWing R series is a fixture-in-fixture design for retrofits while the EcoWing V and Dimensions LG models are for new construction/remodel.


Are you ready to experience advanced lighting technology that provides the highest rated energy efficiency of any retrofit or lensed troffer? A fixture featuring soft, low-glare, indirect light, and a truly unique architectural appeal?

And did we mention cost savings of up to 50% when compared to standard LED?

EcoWing V Series
New construction product
World’s #1 in-class rated energy efficiency. Offers soft low-glare indirect light with a premium architectural design. Ultra lightweight, all aluminum construction for fast and easy installation. For new construction/remodel.
EcoWing R Series
Retrofit product
A fixture-In-fixture troffer retrofit version of our EcoWing V Series. The same world’s #1 in-class rated energy efficiency with soft low-glare indirect light and premium architectural design. A quick and easy 5-minute installation time.
Dimensions LG
New Construction / Remodel
The most advanced center basket fixture has arrived! An innovative holographic 3D multi-zone diffuser lens systems creates soft low glare lighting and unique aesthetics.

Upper Room GUV Solutions

Germicidal Ultraviolet-C System
Our fixture enable over 25,000 cubic feet of air per hour to travel through the fixture and pathogen elimination zone, disinfecting a 400 sq. ft. room approximately every two minutes.
Why use any other commercial lighting?