Who We Are Illumisoft is changing the world of commercial lighting.

Proudly based in Canada, Illumisoft is challenging the status quo in the commercial lighting industry. Existing manufacturers have taken the path of least resistance, creating generic centre basket style fixtures with small, bright, high-glare lenses or low-efficacy LED flat panels. It has been a race to the bottom: lumens at the cheapest price without regard to light quality, glare, aesthetics or efficacy. We are a different kind of light fixture manufacturer.

Our goal was to create fixtures with soft diffused light and unique architectural appeal while drastically reducing installation time and pushing the boundaries of energy savings, all at a competitive cost.


With 15 patents, we are revolutionizing the way light fixtures are made through the use of high tech optical film lenses and reflectors. These advantages and benefits will appeal to all sectors of the lighting industry: landlords, tenants, contractors, distributors, designers and architects.

Our fixtures are the #1 rated most energy efficient in-class in the world.

Our History

Leslie Howe had a long successful career in the arts and entertainment field. This creativity and business acumen of Leslie became the core foundation of Illumisoft. His extensive experience with video and photography lighting was the inspiration that set Leslie on a mission to develop methods to achieve the soft, high-quality lighting from movie sets, and apply it to harsh commercial LED light fixtures, beautifying and enhancing the workplace and people’s lives.


Founded in 2013, Leslie formed Illumisoft Lighting to begin years of R&D. A close collaboration with Illumisoft partner Tom Hunter (long time VP at Acuity Brand, the largest USA lighting manufacturer) resulted in 15+ issued USA patents. Leslie’s creativity and ability to see what others could not, along with the collaboration with industry veteran Tom Hunter, have allowed Leslie to truly step outside of the box and position Illlumisoft as a major disrupter in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Our goal is to provide superior light quality that will enhance people’s daily lives, and to expand the boundaries of energy savings to lower environmental impact.

Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind the product. Learn how Illumisoft came to be, and why we’re so passionate about our work.

Our Values

Illumisoft’s company values can be directly traced back to our founder. We are passionate about our innovation, and enjoy promoting a positive disruptive influence in our industry that can enhance people’s day-to-day lives.


We share a company wide commitment to achieve or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations, and believe this manifests itself in our revolutionary products. We are committed to providing a safe, fun work environment & culture for our most valuable asset – our team members, whom all contribute to the success of the company.