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Not sure if Illumisoft is right for you? Have some questions that need answering? Let us help.


Are all your products safety certified and DLC listed?

Yes. And you will find our fixtures at the very top of the DLC Qualified Products List for highest efficacy.

How is Illumisoft able to achieve #1 DLC rated energy savings?

We start with our optical film technology (15 patents) that utilizes 96% transmissive lens film with micro-structured surfaces that are able to control and direct light. Next, we add high quality LED strips and drivers for our light engine. Our reflection film further spreads and diffuses light with 98% efficiency. Together they generate extraordinary efficiencies.

How are you able to produce such superior light quality compared to all the other manufacturers?

This is because we use “indirect” lighting. Using the EcoWing as an example, this means that the light coming out of our fixture is reflected light across the entire aperture of the fixture, not just direct harsh light from a typical centre basket fixture. The light is reflected off of our high diffusion reflection film inside the fixture, and then passes through our diffusion film lens. The diffusion structure of the lens not only further softens the light, but also directs it away from the high angles to create low glare.

Your fixture-in-fixture troffer retrofits have flexible optical film sides and backing. Will this be durable?

The existing troffer which our retrofits mount into are essentially steel cases. Once mounted, they will remain there for 10-15 years without the need to be serviced. It would be a waste of resources and environmentally unfriend-ly to have a steel backing on our retrofit, only to mount into another steel case.

What is the life span of your fixtures?

Under normal operating conditions, at 60,000 hours, the light will be at 70% of its original brightness. At 12 hrs/day, 5 days a week, that is 19 years. At 7 days a week, it would be about 14 years.

Are your fixtures available in 347V versions?


For Contractors and Distributors

How are your retrofit fixtures packaged?

Using our 2×4 EcoWing R Series retrofits as an example, 8 of them would be packaged in a single box weighing only 35 lbs. This means the box can be dragged anywhere on-site by one person with no equipment. Our electronics modules come packed in separate small 8 pack boxes that can be strategically placed around the site for access by the electrician. There are 48 2×4 retrofits packed on a single pallet.

Why is your packaging system so efficient, and does it save money on the install?

Absolutely it saves money. A lower paid assistant can move the fixtures and electronics modules to where they are needed. After the much higher paid electrician installs the driver modules, the assistant can then install the fixture, since it is all low voltage. 80% of the install is done by the lower paid assistants!

Every company says fast installation, but really, how long does it take to install one of your retrofits?

Part of it depends on the people doing it. However, our experience shows us that “on the ladder” time is about 7-8 minutes at the very beginning which quickly goes down to about 5 minutes after the installers become comfortable with the process.

I have never heard of Illumisoft before. There are so many lighting manufacturers out there, why should I take a chance on Illumisoft?

Illumisoft has been making high quality LED light fixtures for over 3 years. We manufacture in Ottawa, Canada, not China. Out of thousands of our fixtures installed, we have had only 1 failure we are aware of, and we think it was a user wiring error! We will take care of our customers to the best of our ability. Our reputation is very important to us. And unlike the majors, we are able to turn on a dime and customize for customer requests. We are there for you!

Ok, it looks like you have a superior product, but my customers don’t want to pay for high-priced architectural fixtures!

Part of the extensive research and 15 patents was to be able to create this technology at a reasonable cost. Our EcoWing fixtures are priced similarly to standard commodity center basket fixtures, and we believe our Eco WTF fixture is one of the lowest cost fixture-in-fixture retrofit of any North American made fixture. Once you calculate the payback including our much high-er energy savings and lower install cost, we become a better value than the fixtures you currently sell!

For Architects and Designers

Especially in Canada, we get a lot of jobs with non-standard sizes, but there are no retrofits available. Can you help?

One of specialties is our ability to create any non-standard size, and to be able to send out a prototype within a few days. We have done a variety of 20×60 fixtures, including oddball legacy fixtures like 15x 46, 13 ½ x 47, air return fixtures, 1’x’1 parabolics, 30×30 etc!

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom-sized fixtures?

Yes, but it is very low, sometimes as low as 300 fixtures.

What about a fully luminous 20x60 EcoWing fixture?

It looks spectacular. 500-unit order minimum.

Where do I find your IES files and data sheets?

Under the Resource Portal under the main menu of our website.

Are your fixtures available in 347V versions?