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3D Holographic Low Glare Optical Film Technology
Multi-layered holographic optical film lens provides remarkably soft low glare light distribution with stunning 3D aesthetics.

Most center basket fixtures have excessively bright diffusers that disperse light everywhere, with no control. The Dimension’s five optical film layer lens creates a multi-zoned lens system which directs light to where its most beneficial. The result is a soft, quiet low glare architectural look that is easy on the eyes and the budget. For new construction / remodel.

Specs + features
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Key benefits


  • Multi-zoned lens system distributes light where it most needed
  • Holographic film gives a unique 3D architectural aesthetic
  • Up to 135 lm/w
  • Low glare
  • Excellent LED thermal management
  • Field removable electronics module for fast upgrade & repair


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Specs + features


Patent Pending five layer holographic optical film lens creates a multi-zoned diffuser lens system for optimal low glare light dispersion. The brightest light gets distributed in a narrow band directly below the fixture. Softer focused light gets evenly distributed around the work plane, but below the glare zone. Light in the glare zone has a soft cutoff that reduces light levels but eliminates the “cave effect”. Factory adjustable light distribution curves (special order).


  • Steel shell with white powder coat after assembly leaving no unpainted edges
  • The lens’s edges can be squeezed together for bug removal


  • Excellent LED thermal management with aluminum heat sinking


  • Up to 135 lm/w
  • Quick change field replaceable driver modules
  • Optional 347V drivers
  • Standard 0-10V, PWM Dim
  • Integrated sensor options

Rated Life

  • 66,000+ hours L70 TM21


  • Intended for installation in most recessed troffers for lay-in ceiling applications


  • 3000k (option) 3500K, 4100K, 5000K

Available Options

  • Emergency battery backup
  • Customer requested driver (subject to order minimums)
  • 95 CRI with 95% R9 (subject to order minimums)
  • Master/Satellite wiring
  • Custom driver
  • Integrated sensors


  • ETL Certified – coming soon
  • DLC Certified – coming soon


  • 6.5 lbs. 2×2, 12.5 lbs. 2×4 Warranty – 5 year limited
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