Leadership TeamWe're a bright bunch.

Seeing a need for softer, warmer, more efficient and aesthetically-appealing light, we created Illumisoft. Light bulb moments are a regular thing for us.

Leslie Howe
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Leslie Howe is the creative pioneer behind the game changing commercial lighting innovation that is Illumisoft. Coming from an extensive and successful career as a musician, songwriter, producer and video director, Leslie saw an opportunity to create a much needed alternative to the standard bright harsh LED light fixtures – a warm, soft light with architectural appeal and unsurpassed efficiency. This led to the revolutionary development of optical film based lenses, reflectors and light fixtures.

With 47 USA patents filed, Leslie is a global visionary in the application of optical film systems for LED lighting. And by all accounts, he shows no signs of slowing down. “The commercial lighting industry is long overdue for a shakeup”, he says. “If we don’t innovate, we stagnate.”

Brett Nicholds
Chief Executive Officer

Having worked for several years as Director of Procurement for an established print manufacturing company, Brett was presented with a challenging new opportunity – to lead the charge as CEO for Illumisoft.  Once he realized just how innovative and forward-thinking the company was, he leapt on board without hesitation. Since that time, Brett has played a vital role in building and managing key relationships with clients and partners.

Brett’s enthusiasm is an invaluable asset to the company.  “We’re revolutionizing our corner of the lighting world,” he says. “We’re world leaders. How can I not be optimistic about the future?” On the rare occasions that Brett isn’t forging new relationships or ambitiously planning the company’s potential for expansion, you’ll find the active father of four playing hockey or baseball.

Mark Uhlmann
President, Sanilume division

Coming from a 30-year career in the entrepreneurial realm (including Illumisoft’s first CEO), Mark was well poised to take the wheel as the President of our new Sanilume division. His reputation as a highly ethical, open and energetic corporate presence has proven to be a great asset to the daily workings of the company.

Overseeing all financial, operational and communications focused areas of the business is a demanding responsibility, but Mark relishes the opportunity to be part of something so ground breaking. “Introducing a new product to an old market can be challenging,” says Mark. “But it’s easy when you’re as passionate about it as we are.”

Glenn Carley
Director of Operations

Glenn’s 24+ years’ experience in fast-paced, entrepreneurial environments has allowed him to play key roles several facets of business. From sales and marketing to production and HR, Glenn has left his mark – particularly as it relates to the impact of internal processes on ROI.  “I enjoy making things work,” says Glenn. “I like to assess the situation and then determine the most practical and beneficial solution to the challenge at hand, always keeping an eye on company and customer needs.”

Because Glenn arrived at Illumisoft just as it was launching into the market, he’s had the opportunity to establish the processes and efficiencies in all areas of the business, providing all stakeholders with a sense of purpose and confidence to enhance the customer experience – which is great, because he’s just so effective at it!

James Clark
Canadian Agency and Distributor Sales

Graduating from McGill University with a degree in farm management and technology, James got his sales career start in feed and farm equipment. Now, leading the charge with Canadian Agency and Distributor Sales for Illumisoft, James is responsible for national sales from coast to coast, as well as managing relationships with agents and distributors.

Known for being focused and affable, James is natural when it comes to sales. Always humble, James says he “enjoys being tasked with selling something that is so unique and ahead of the curve.” When James gets the opportunity to step away from his work responsibilities, he enjoys spending time on his hobby farm, and exploring the community with his wife.