Leadership TeamWe're a bright bunch.

Seeing a need for softer, warmer, more efficient and aesthetically-appealing light, we created Illumisoft. Light bulb moments are a regular thing for us.

Leslie Howe
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Leslie is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Illumisoft Lighting. With 25+ patents, Leslie has pioneered the use of optical films for LED lighting lens and reflector systems as well as innovative LED fixture designs. Illumisoft’s fixtures have consistently dominated the DLC troffer listings with the highest efficacies using low glare and indirect lighting technology. Leslie has recently expanded his focus to include groundbreaking germicidal UVC fixtures for occupied rooms and horticultural applications, as well as advances in horticultural lighting and reflecting systems and productivity technology.

Brett Nicholds
Chief Executive Officer

Having worked for 15 years as Director of Procurement for Dollco, an established print manufacturing company, Brett was presented with a challenging new opportunity – to lead the charge as CEO for Illumisoft.  Once he realized just how innovative and forward-thinking the company was, he leapt on board without hesitation. Since that time, Brett has played a vital role in building and managing key relationships with clients and partners.

Brett’s enthusiasm is an invaluable asset to the company.  “We’re revolutionizing our corner of the lighting world,” he says. “We’re world leaders. How can I not be optimistic about the future?” On the rare occasions that Brett isn’t forging new relationships or ambitiously planning the company’s potential for expansion, you’ll find the active father of four playing hockey or baseball.

Mark Uhlmann
President, Sanilume division

Coming from a 30-year career in the entrepreneurial realm (including Illumisoft’s first CEO), Mark was well poised to take the wheel as the President of our new Sanilume division. His reputation as a highly ethical, open and energetic corporate presence has proven to be a great asset to the daily workings of the company.

Overseeing all financial, operational and communications focused areas of the business is a demanding responsibility, but Mark relishes the opportunity to be part of something so ground breaking. “Introducing a new product to an old market can be challenging,” says Mark. “But it’s easy when you’re as passionate about it as we are.”