DND (25 Nicholas)EcoWing R Series

The offices of the Department of National Defence located at 25 Nicholas st in Ottawa, upgraded over 1500 fluorescent troffers to LED fixture-in-fixture retrofits from Illumisoft Lighting. The goal was to lower energy expenditures, improve light quality, and update the look of the space.


“Walking onto a floor completed with Illumisoft lights was like walking into a day of sunshine vs a rainy day before the upgrade”

Brian Lahey
Properties Group tenant department of national defence


The Properties Group, which manages this building, needed a solution to the high energy expense, dated and failing fixtures, and a uniquely sized troffer, which presented a major obstacle.

With Illumisoft Lightings patented technology, a custom sized fixture was able to be created and shipped within a short turnaround, reducing productivity loss and completion date.


  • Improved Light Quality. Indirect, low glare light
  • Superior Investment. Affordable price, Reduced cost
  • High Energy Savings. 55% energy reduction
  • Reduced Maintenance. No tubes, ballasts to replace
$145, 714
Annual Energy Savings
13 Month
Payback Period
Savings over Competitors