Queensway Carleton HospitalEcoWing R Series

The Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa recently began upgrades to their Maternal/Newborn wing, installing 40 fixtures-in-fixture retrofits from lllumisoft Lighting in the hall, with future plans to upgrade the maternity rooms with the same fixtures by the end of this year. The goal was to find an energy saving option to replace the 25 year old fixtures, that would improve light quality, lower maintenance cost and give architectural appeal.


“The change in the ward is amazing, the mothers seem to feel better in the hallways where we upgraded vs their rooms that still have the old fixtures … Night and Day”

Ken Wilson
Maintenance manager, Queensway Carelton Hospital


The Queensway Carleton Hospital needed a solution to reduce maintenance costs and drastically improve the quality of light, changing from a dull abandoned look to a late afternoon glow.

With lllumisoft’s patented film technology, their EcoWing Retrofit provided Queensway with low glare, indirect light, at their specified levels, all while giving the highest efficacy on the market.


  • Improved Light Quality. Indirect, Soft Glow
  • Superior Investment. Affordable price, Reduced cost
  • High Energy Savings. 75% energy reduction
  • Reduced Maintenance. No tubes, ballasts to replace
  • Therapeutic. Mothers feel higher sense of calm
Energy Reduction
7 Month
Payback Period
15+ Year
Rated Lifetime