AMPED Sports Lab & Ice Complex SaniLume

AMPED Sports Lab & Ice Complex disinfects the air in waiting areas and dressing rooms using upper room GUV technology. The goal is to keep parents and kids safe by neutralizing pathogens using SaniLume UVC light fixtures.


“Everything seems so much more difficult since the beginning of the pandemic. So, we wanted to make something simple, something easy to install and use, but powerfully effective to help fight COVID-19, the flu and everything else out there, plus whatever comes next.”

Brett Nicholds
CEO, Illumisoft Lighting


We all share the same air. AMPED needed a solution that would allow clients and employees to feel confident about participating in shared activities. SaniLume UVC lights operate continuously, neutralizing pathogens as they pass through the germicidal UV treatment field safely above occupants’ heads. Illumisoft’s SaniLume fixtures provided an easy-to-install, effective solution that is also suitable for long-term care, retirement homes, schools, daycares, offices, and workplaces.

With this installation, AMPED owners and employees can feel confident they have taken proactive steps to protect parents and children at the facility.


  • Improved air quality. Continuous air disinfection
  • Simple installation. Hang from ceiling like a pendant light
  • Client satisfaction. Clients and staff have peace of mind
  • Health & safety. UVC light is safe and effective
Every 2 minutes
Air in a 20’ x 20’ area is disinfected