Sterling FordSaniLume

Sterling Ford installed upper room GUV units in high-traffic areas of its Ottawa auto dealership to provide peace of mind for clients and staff. The owners wanted to enhance occupant safety and reassure visitors and staff by using SaniLume light fixtures to neutralize pathogens in the air. 


A technical association for the lighting industry confirms that upper room GUV is the most effective method of air disinfection. The owners of Sterling Ford care deeply about the safety of customers and employees. They have chosen SaniLume to protect everyone who visits or works at the dealership.” 

Leslie Howe
CTO, Illumisoft Lighting


From the moment they enter Sterling Ford, clients can feel confident the company has taken proactive steps to protect their health. SaniLume upper room UVC units continuously disinfect the air in the service intake area, the waiting room and the service desk area. 

SaniLume UVC lights operate continuously, neutralizing pathogens as they pass through the germicidal UV treatment field safely above occupants’ heads. With adjustable apertures, they are effective in both the standard-size waiting room and the high-ceiling service areas. 

Illumisoft’s SaniLume fixtures provided an easy-to-install, effective solution that is also suitable for long-term care, retirement homes, schools, daycares, offices, and workplaces. 


Continuous air disinfection. Equivalent to >30 air changes per hour (ACH)* 

Simple installation. Hang from the ceiling like a pendant light 

Client satisfaction. Clients and staff have peace of mind  

Enhanced safety. UVC light is safe and effective 

400 sq. ft. room size; 9.8 ft ceiling, Sanilume aperture set for 3.92W UVC output 

Every 2 minutes
Air in a 20’ x 20’ area is disinfected