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Low Glare Light Shaping Optical Film
Fits like a troffer, hangs like a pendant!

A 1.5” depth light engine features 4 layers of light shaping diffusion film providing soft low glare illumination with 50% up-light. The light engine quickly connects to a troffer style aluminum ceiling grid panel with low voltage powered wire rope. The textured powder coat paint evenly diffuses the soft up-light, creating a pleasing volumetric effect.

Specs + features
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Key benefits


  • Evenly diffused to give your room a soft open feel
  • Advanced Thermal Protection
  • Aluminum powder coated panel that fits in the ceiling grid like any troffer
  • Low glare
  • Saves on installation time


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Specs + features


  • 1.5” depth light engine includes 4 layers of light shaping diffusion film
  • Fully diffused low glare optics provide unprecedented efficacy up to 142 lm/w
  • 50% up-light or option for no up-light
  • Light engine mounted to main panel with powered wire rope.


  • Ultra-shallow light engine depth of 1.75” with sealed lens system design for maintenance free fixture life
  • .032” aluminum base panel with textured powder coat
  • Aluminum heat sink cooled by circulating room air for long LED life


  • Light engine powered with low voltage through wire rope
  • Quick connect gripper attachments
  • 100-277V standard
  • Optional 347V LED driver
  • Standard 0-10v dimming
  • Multiple driver upgrade options
  • 5-year limited warranty includes all components

Rated Life

  • 66,000+ hours L70 TM-21

Available Options

  • Master/Satellite wiring certified
  • Emergency battery backup
  • Whips available

Size Options

  • Standard 2’x2’ and 2’x4’
  • Available in custom sizes


  • Panel drops into ceiling grid
  • Standard electrical connections
  • Light engine installs last with powered wire rope with gripper quick connects
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