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The World Leader in

Diffused LED Lighting

Illumisoft is changing the landscape of commercial lighting with bold new alternatives to standard LED solutions – solutions that provide remarkable cost savings, superior light quality, aesthetics, and industry-leading efficiencies.

Solutions that raise the bar

Bright ideas are what we’re all about at Illumisoft. We’re driven to innovate and produce solutions that challenge the status quo. Our expertise and passion has led us to develop ground-breaking optical film-based solutions setting a new industry standard for light quality, aesthetics, energy efficiency and value.

Is it time you switched to better light?

Technology that makes a difference

Upper-room GUV technology has been used by hospitals and the medical field for decades. This tested and trusted sanitizing technology uses germicidal UVC light which neutralizes pathogens that pass through the UV treatment field. (Including COVID-19 pathogens.) We have made this technology available in a format ideal for schools, senior-care facilities, fitness centres, grocery stores, restaurants, offices – and anywhere people share space.

Cleaner air means safer spaces.

Light on the pocket and the environment.

Our LED fixtures are rated #1 in-class in the world for energy efficiency. This translates into significantly lower costs, as well as a lower carbon footprint to help fight climate change. Along with our innovative Fixture-In-Fixture retrofits that re-use existing fixtures, we strive to lower environmental impact!

If you could use less energy for less cost and get a premium architectural look with superior light quality, why wouldn’t you?

Case Studies

In recent years, Illumisoft has set new standards on the quality, cost and value in commercial lighting. Much more than that however, superior light quality with soft, low-glare, indirect light can influence everything from mental health to operational revenue and industry reputation.

Learn how Illumisoft products and service have benefitted our clients.